3 x longer engagement than a PDF brochure

PDFs - no longer suitable for marketing

PDF’s have been around since the early 90’s, long before smartphones and tablets, so were never designed for modern content viewing.

Why are PDF’s not suitable for modern marketing?

of web traffic comes from mobile devices.

A PDF is an unsuitable experience for a high % of your audience.

0% reader analytics

You send an applicant a PDF brochure, but how do you know whether they have opened it, or even read it?

of email recipients prefer to open content on mobile devices

Our digital brochures are specifically designed and optimised for smartphones.

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PDF is for print

How many brochures are you printing these days? You order 30, use 3 and dump 27….does this sound familiar? It's not cost efficient and waste of a perfectly good tree!

FluxPro - Digital First

Digital first

A digital-first format makes the most of the opportunities presented by devices; flexible navigation, interactivity, use of video, data capture and much more. Using a static, print format is a wasted opportunity to truly engage with your reader.


Squint, pinch, zoom, delete!

How annoying is it to have to pinch and zoom just to see content in a legible font size? It is one of many aggravating limitations of PDF’s. Our digital brochures are mobile ready resulting in longer engagement.

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