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What is FluxPro?

FluxPro is the next-generation in digital marketing automation for education professionals seeking to outrun competitors by reaching more prospects and winning more admissions whilst reducing costs through time and production. FluxPro software gives your teams the power to instantly create, publish and market superior, branded, interactive content and personalised and customised prospectuses in minutes.


Publishing made easy

Increased marketing impact with no professional design capability required. FluxPro’s intuitive format allows anyone in your team to create superior digital, interactive content and prospectuses - simply and quickly. This gives your school that all important head start on competitors in winning admissions and marketing new services and facilities.


Prospectuses in minutes

FluxPro intelligently uses your existing data across a suite of professionally pre-designed, branded documents - giving your teams the freedom to create a personalised prospectus, tailored to an individual pupil's interests and publish instantly.


Tell the world

Forget the limitations of print marketing. Enjoy infinite reach across any and all devices as you effortlessly deliver responsive digital prospectuses and documents to your market. Easily embed digital publications on your website, share on social networks, newsletters, property portals, email signatures and online conversations.


Track engagement at a click

FluxPro's built-in analytics and in-app notifications give you the power of knowing which content your audience prefers and when it has been opened.

Our software also integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, so you'll have instant feedback on what works best for your audience – right at your fingertips.

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